Hello there! My name is Hannah. Welcome to my little corner of the Interweb, created mainly so I can chat about all clothes charity shop. When I’m not rummaging around my favourite second-hand haunts, you can usually find me at my sewing machine curating some sort of fashion DIY, upcycling unloved clothes into something that feels shiny and new.

I began my blog in 2012 after spending a fair amount of time reading all things fashion from bloggers and realising I wanted to get in on the writing/photography/fashion action. Over the years this blog has become more and more charity shop focused. The reason for this shift was mainly due to finding charity shops a hell’uva lot more inspiring. I have been able to re-create my favourite trends but have also been able to find one-off, pretty bloomin’ special pieces for a fraction of the high-street price. Another reason for the increase on focus on all clothes second-hand on this blog is the sustainability aspect. I have become more aware over the years of the impact fashion can have. As well as continue to write about all things charity shop and vintage, I am now also on a journey to learn about sustainable fashion brands. A way that fashion can be fun, safe and bloody exciting for all involved.