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eBay FashioneBay FashionDress: eBay, Belt: Oxfam, Boots: ASOS (Old but Similar)

It’s been a long hot summer. In the words of Girls Aloud or Caroline Flack circa. Love Island 2015. It’s been a long hot summer and I am the absolute worst at summer dressing.


Summer 2004 and it was all about the floaty boho cream layered skirt inspired by Sienna Miller. At the ripe ol’ age of 16 pair these beautiful skirts with pink lambrini stains and grass stains from where I have settled down on the grass at the summer festivals.


In 2008, I wore denim shorts all summer so short that they resembled more of a denim pant.


Cue 2015, apparently the only show I thought acceptable to wear was a heavy Dr Marten. The summer was full of floaty dresses paired with the most inappropriate show for above 20 degrees celsius.


Cue the summer of 2017. I wore the second-hand dress because I couldn’t find a comfortable lightweight substitute to put into the mix to ensure friends didn’t begin to believe I had made some sort of bet not to get changed throughout June, July and August. In fact, come October 2017 I just chucked this dress on over a roll neck and tights and continued to wear it.


It’s been a long hot summer and temperatures seemed to rise for longer than anyone had anticipated. Conversations about the heat didn’t go anywhere and towards the middle of August I thought seriously about getting air conditioning installed. With a winter friendly wardrobe I was struggling. So I got on eBay and started bidding for some second-hand, summer friendly items to stop me gazing hopelessly into my wardrobe each day. After a little time winning some and losing some, I learnt a little I thought I would share some of my tips for maximising the chances of bagging an eBay bargain.


eBay Fashion1. Save Your Search

I was saying to a friend that I wanted a way to be alerted when items I was after came available on second-hand websites. Turns out I was late to the party. eBay already has this function. Now I have a list of brands in my ‘Saved Search’ I like in my size ready to bid on when they appear on the virtual market.

2. Look at Other Items Sold by the Same Seller

By clicking on the ‘other items to sell’ from the seller of a dress you love in your size you might end up finding a lot more because chances are that gal with the dress you like has the same style as you. Cue a whole lot more bidding followed by a parcel at your door with a lot of second-hand loveliness.

3.  End Bid in the Last 15 Seconds

You see an item has had 67 bids from 8 different bidders and you ask yourself how are you going to be the one to seal the second-hand deal. It’s definitely a bit of luck. I have found that if I get my final bid all prepared to click ‘Bid’ when there’s 15 seconds left, then I’m in with a great chance.

4. Don’t Use a Round Number for Your Final Bid

The top bid people are likely to leave is round number. I’m more likely to think ‘I’ll pay £20 for the dress with the cats on that would look great with my orange trainers’ rather than ‘I’ll pay £20.10 for the cat dress’. If you’re in the running and in the final stages of the bidding war with eBay user ialwayswin_27 then make your last bid a weird prices. If your maximum is £20 then add 15p. Chances are other people would have put the maximum of a nice round value of £20 and you’ll nab that loved dress.

And that’s it. A few ways to find wonderful things and ensure you get those wonderful things on eBay.


eBay Fashion

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