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Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionTrousers & Bag: Crisis, T-Shirt: Topshop (Old but another slogan T-Shirt I love), Trainers: Veja,Jacket: Topshop

It was only a month ago that I was in sunny Ibiza. Shortly after arriving at the hotel my boyfriend started hanging up his clothes in the wardrobe. To avoid feel like some kind of monster who lives out of a suitcase in a pool of rejected clothes flung around (ahem, like I usually do), I set out neatly hanging my clothes too. It was then I realised that everything I was hanging up was from a second-hand shop. Without realising, the majority of my wardrobe at home is also now second-hand.

Still favouring charity shopping over all other types of shopping I have started looking for sustainable brands for options such as shoes which I find are harder to pick up in a second-hand shop. After admiring from a far I finally picked up a pair of the comfiest trainers going from Veja. Using organic materials Veja are a transparent company. On the website you are able to search specifically for vegan shoes and have a vision to produce shoes with all economic, social and environmental issues in mind.

Along with looking for new sustainable brands and shopping second-hand, the final thing I like to do when it comes to my wardrobe is ensure that I wear any high-street items picked up in the past at least 30 times (a figure recommended by Lucy Siegle, which I wrote a little more about here). By asking myself this question when purchasing from the high street, I have found I have got so much more wear out of high-street items. This is the case with this old Topshop t-shirt. A few years on (and with the hem a little shorter after getting the scissors out to create more cropped look), I still reach for this t-shirt again and again.

And that’s it. The three aspects of my wardrobe I would love to maintain are second-hand favourites, items from brand with a difference, and loved, very worn, old high-street pieces.

Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable Fashion


    • hannah
      August 22, 2018 / 8:28 pm

      Ah thanks so much – I couldn’t believe it was £3! x

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