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Sustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionDress: Wear the Walk, Trainers: Veja 

A few weekends ago, on the Saturday of a certain royal wedding, I hopped on the overground and headed for Hackney. Hopped would be the optimistic word. With a horrendous hangover, it was more of a shuffle on to the train and keep the head still once on sort of situation.

The hangover wasn’t a surprise considering I had been craving fruity cocktails the whole of Friday. Turns out a lot of fruity cocktails contain rum. A favourite but not my usual. Cue one hell’uva headache and a the need to shuffle rather than walk.

I crawled off the train at Hackney, walked (again, ‘Walk’ being the optimistic word) down to Wear The Walks showroom. After a few minutes any thoughts of pounding headaches and woe me were squashed and replaced with a lot of oogling over the clothes in front of me.

Wear the Walk are a brand with a difference. Rather than having a website full of items to buy, they have a website (and showroom) full of emerging designer garments to rent. By signing up to a monthly subscription you can rent a number of garments per month (depending on the plan you choose). The minimum amount of time you can sign up for is 2 months. If you’re more of a commitment-phone (like me) you can rent individual items on a weekly basis.

With a website and showroom full of fun, quirky and colourful items, Wear the Walk is a great alternative way to shop for all occasions.

Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable Fashion

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