Fashion DIY: Denim with a Difference

Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionDenim Jacket & Shirts (DIY’d): Oxfam, Jeans: River Island, Trainers: Veja

Over the years I have accumulated a fair few denim jackets from charity shops. I have picked up a cropped Levi’s number, an oversized Levi’s washed denim version and an 80’s batwing bit of loveliness. Each of these jackets rang through the till at less than £10.

Even with a denim jacket selection I’m happy with, I am still drawn to them when spotting them in second-hand shops.

A while ago I headed into Oxfam and was, once again, drawn to the denim section of the rail. I spotted this jacket and loved the fit so thought I would take it and add a little something to make it a bit different.

On another charity shop trip I picked up the two shirts. I liked the way the colours almost complimented each other whilst being a little grungy.

I began by cutting the hem off the jacket. I wanted the arms of the denim jacket to end at the elbow, with the shirt sleeves being from the elbow down. I wanted the end of the denim jacket body length to match the denim sleeve length so the shirt section of the jacket began straight across from arm to body to other arm.

I then tried on the denim jacket to measure how long I wanted overall jacket to be once the shirts had been added. I cut the hem off the shirts accordingly (adding a little extra to account for the seam allowance).

Once I had cut the length of the shirt I wanted, I cut both hems of the shirts in half vertically (plus a little extra for the seam allowance). I then stitched the strips of shirt together to make a long strip for the hem of my altered denim jacket (half the strip then being the orange and blue shirt, the second half of the strip being the green and blue shirt).

It was then just a case of stitching all the components together.

And that was it. A little fashion DIY to turn a few of charity shops most accessible items into something a little different.

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable Fashion

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