Fashion Revolution Week: Haulternative IV

Since April 2015 I have completed a yearly round-up of my second-hand outfits. A haulternative. An alternative haul. This has been in aid of Fashion Revolution.

I remember watching the news in late April of 2013. The Rana Plaza, a garment factory in Bangladesh, had collapsed killing 1,138 people and leaving many, many more injured. I remember questioning how this could have possibly happened. Why had garment workers paid for fashion with their lives. As the news surfaced, it was evident that the workers should not have been in the building. It wasn’t safe. But they had been forced back in. Fast fashion had no time to stop because of an unsafe building. As Lucy Siegle points out, ‘Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying’. On the 24th April 2013, 1,138 women and men paid the ultimate price.

Fashion Revolution was set up in response to the collapse of the Rana Plaza, which unfortunately isn’t an isolated garment disaster. I am a huge supporter of the Fashion Revolution movement and am looking forward to seeing all the amazing campaigning, alternative hauls and events happening this week. Here’s my haulternative. A round up of my second-hand outfits from spring 2017 to winter 2018.


Patterned jackets, long line shirts and well, all shirts continued to be my most purchased items from second-hand shops throughout the spring of 2017. One of my most worn second-hand purchases found when I was just a young gal is my paisley full length shirt from Oxfam, so when I spotted a similar long shirt in a pale, dusty green amongst the rails I got to the til per-retty sharpish.

Last year, Camden was a frequently visited area in terms of charity shopping for me and it didn’t disappoint as I managed to scout out the patterned jacket which became my throw on jacket throughout spring, summer..and autumn..and winter. I also wore it for the Facebook Live interview I did for the Independent’s Indy Lifestyle Facebook page chatting about all clothes second-hand, naturally!


Oxfam Fashion

I always find summer dressing a little bit tricky. I can never remember what I wear when degree digits double and I’m most comfortable in a whole load of layers and autumnal colours. Alas, I’ll always give a bit of charity shop colour a go.

Last year I moved. Close to my new flat is a Fara so that has become one of my most frequently visited charity shops. With a rail for designer goods, I picked up the cotton, pink, drop wait Somerset by Alice Temperly dress which is pretty much summer in a dress and became my go-to when struggling with my summer dressing woes.

Another designer purchase was from Scope and is a Comme Des Garçons Breton stripe top with a red vertical stripe (bottom right) which has become a wardrobe staple and was a bloomin’ bargain.

Possibly my most worn new (but second-hand!) purchase of last year was black and blue ditsy floral dress from the Crisis at Archway (forth picture). I continued to wear this throughout the year (as also shown in the winter section of this post) with all the layers because I love it too much to save it exclusively for the warmer weather.

Last summer I also dug our old favourites in the shape of the shorty denim dress, an oversized Levi’s denim jacket and the world’s most worn denim skirt from Oxfam.


My favourite of the seasons. As all the leaves turn brown I am always excited to start all that layering and last year was no different. My favourite Autumnal outfit featured a pair of green, leafy silk shorts from Fara with fishnets, a baker boy hat and a (charity shop) black jumper.

As well as enjoying new (but second-hand) purchases with the red leopard print shirt (which goes with a surprising amount) and black floral pie-crust top, I continued to wear one of my absolute favourite charity shop purchases in the shape of a green suede coat from a Cancer Research charity shop.


With these winter outfit pictures I have noticed that I wear my favourites all year round, regardless of whether they are completely appropriate for the weather or not. Last December, I continued to wear my Oxfam denim skirt and denim jacket as well as my ditzy floral dress from the Crisis shop at Archway that still, one year on, is my go-to dress when nothing else in my wardrobe seems to be working.

In January I picked up a shirt from the Men’s rails at Oxfam and got many, many wears from it wearing it oversized, knotted at the hem and layered with a roll-neck underneath for all that snow. For a little change, I then did a little fashion DIY to add a frill hem to make it a little bit fancy for summer.

And that’s it. My haulternative for 2017 to 2018. I continued to favour second-hand shopping over the high-street and am forever excited for a little charity shop browse. With charity shops, vintage shops and online second-hand haunts there are so many ways to shop alternatively; creating a wardrobe that is unique, creative and exciting.

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