30 Wears

30 Wears 30 Wears 30 Wears

Back in the day I used to buy a lot. Whether it was second-hand or not I would buy things I was instantly drawn to and thought I might wear for that instant adrenaline rush. I would be drawn to a specific print, a shape of a dress that I would try and not feel completely comfortable but think I would grow to love.

That was until a few years ago.

Following the collapse of the Rana Plaza in 2013 I began to think more about my shopping habits. When Fashion Revolution was set up I began to follow the movement. I watched The True Cost movie and was more determined to make changes.

A few years ago I read that Journalist Lucy Siegle recommends asking the 30 wears question when purchasing a new garment. By asking yourself (and answering honestly) whether you can commit to wearing an item 30 times, you are less likely to end up with a wardrobe full of clothes with the tags still on.

Whenever I go shopping now I ask myself this question and have, in turn, noticed that I wear the clothes I have bought a lot more regularly.

To help decide whether I’m able to commit to wearing an item 30 times, I find that it helps if I can think of at least 3 separate outfits I could make up using the new garment plus items already within my wardrobe. If I’m able to think of 3 outfits then chances are I will reach for the new item repeatedly and wear it many different ways.

I also find it helps if I think I will be able to layer the item in question easily. Using a little layering, I like to pile on the roll-necks under dresses, the chunky knit jumpers over summer dresses and the t-shirts under silk dresses. By doing all this layering I feel as though I can guarantee I’ll wear even the most floaty of the summer dresses throughout the year ensuring I can commit to those 30 wears required to ensure that the purchase of any said garment isn’t wasteful.

To find out more about Fashion Revolution and how you can get involved, head over to their website here.

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