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And in a flash, it is December again. Every December, around the middle of the month, I curse to myself a little. Not only because I’ve eaten the collective weight of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dundee, Blixem and Rudolph in mince pies and my mulled wine intake is heading towards the gallons, but also because I have left thinking about what gifts I should buy until last minute. Being a big ol’ fan of Oxfam I thought it was only right that I compile a gift list featuring some of their wonderful items. As well as picking up bloomin’ amazing second-hand clothes on their website you can also buy amazing homeware and food-related gifts suitable for all friends and family members.

Oxfam Gifts

Clockwise from the top left: 1.Basket /2. Hanging Photoframe / 3.Photoframe / 4.Wine Rack / 5. Baskets / 6. Blackboard, / 7. Blanket / 8. Bowl 

This year I’ve become a little obsessed with homeware – *cue frantic pinning on my Pinterest board of living room ideas – none which would match/work in my living room*. I am always on the lookout for homeware gifts and Oxfam has been the absolute perfect place to pick up some of these gifts. From practical but beautiful sequinned baskets for a little extra storage to photo-frames to colourful bowls and cosy tartan blankets. I know all friends and members of my family would be bloody thrilled to open any of the photographed Oxfam homeware gifts come Christmas Day, and the fact that they come from a wonderful charity makes it that extra special.

Oxfam Gifts

Clockwise from top left: 1. Chocolate Tasting Kit / 2. Milk Chocolate / 3. Palestine on a Plate / 4. Mulled Wine Kit / 5. Tea Set / 6. Hot Chocolate Spoons / 7. Jam Selection

Who doesn’t love a few food related presents? Oxfam have Fairtrade chocolate in all the forms from your regular bar to a variety tasting kit (for the slightly more indecisive – me) and chocolate spoons for dunking into hot chocolate or coffee. If chocolate isn’t up your festive street then they have a selection of jams, teas and coffees so there is something for everyone. I also loved the look of the recipe book, Palestine on a Plate. Any book that tells me how to make a zingy hummus with buttered pine nuts deserves a place in my stocking!

And that’s it, a few festive present ideas from Oxfam. Happy Christmas Shopping!

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