Emmaus: A Festive Party Outfit

Skirt & Top: Emmaus

A few weeks ago I got jumped onto the DLR, alighting at All Saints. I crossed the road and headed for Emmaus to search for the perfect festive outfit. It wasn’t long before I spotted a few sequins, one of the requirements of a festive outfit. Snapping it up, I was then on a hunt to pair it with a skirt or trousers. The skirt didn’t initially scream Christmas Party at me but after a little try on session, I really liked the clash of the green pattern and sequins. I also know I will be re-wearing the skirt throughout the year. With a roll-neck, chunky boots and the thickest tights around for this snowy weather. With a slouchy t-shirt and sandals in the summer.

As well as the skirt and top ringing through the til as a bloody bargain, another great thing about buying second-hand for the Christmas is that it’s pretty unlikely you will bump into someone else in the same outfit – this occurance used to happen all too regularly when I was an avid high-street shopper back in the ol’ days.

Emmaus is a homelessness charity with a difference. Not only do they provide a bed for the night but they also support people back into meaningful work. By donating to this charity whilst purchasing a festive outfit makes it that little extra special.

To find where your local Emmaus shop visit their website, here.

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