Sustainable Brands: Fashion & Homeware

Sustainable FashionReformation

I have been on the lookout for new sustainable brands for a while. As well as rooting through charity shops for a second-hand bargain, I’m also so interested in what other brands are doing in terms of sustainability.

Fashion-wise, Reformation are high-up on my must-buy list. Whilst sourcing sustainable and vintage fabrics they also ensure they are using sustainable and the best practices throughout the entire supply chain. They host tours in their LA factories so consumers are actually able to meet the people who make the clothes. Their website is super informative and it lists their sustainable practices. Information like this makes sustainable shopping a hell’uva lot easier.

A few months before every wedding/30th birthday/bar mitzvah of the year I think to my self that this will be the year I buy a Reformation dress. But in true Hannah form, I leave my outfit to the last possible moment and end up wearing something I already have. Which, in some ways, is perfect as I save the money and rewear what I have – time and time again. One day I will get that Reformation dress. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2018. I like to set myself near impossible goals, y’see.

Sustainable FashionUnopiù

This year I have become a little more obsessed with homeware having recently moved to a new flat, well, recently meaning within the last year.

I’ve been told I’m the most indecisive gal. That would a fair assessment since it took me 7 minutes more than necessary to decide which brand of mayonnaise to buy in the supermarket today. Because of this I still have many a homeware pieces I need for the flat I moved into – 8 months ago. I feel as though I’m way more than a rug, a lampshade and a decorative basket away from a Pinterest worthy flat but it’s a good place to start. With a few colours (grey, black and white, wild!) in mind for the rug,I got on to the big ol’ wide web and got searching for a rug from a company that care about the materials being used. Since my flat isn’t the biggest in the world, I didn’t want one that would swamp my little living room.

So far I’ve got a few homeware pieces on my wish-list for the most indecisive. Currently top of the list is a handwoven, round, grey rug from Unopiù, which is actually a luxury garden furniture brand. Part of Unopiù’s Baku range, this rug is handwoven and made out of synthetic techno fibres. They are environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable. This durable, easily washable rug will last the duration which is exactly what I’m after.

Living in London, for me, equates to having a small flat. I need all the storage to ensure that I don’t have to step over my belongings on a heap covering the entire floor. The more storage, the better. Which is why I am a big fan of Unopiu’s big ol’ baskets. As well as storing my life in them, I also think they would be great for jazzing up my (currently limited) plant display by putting pots in colourful baskets.

From rugs to baskets to beautiful vases, Unopiù has a whole bunch of sustainable bits on my homeware wish-list. Unopiù is especially amazing if you have a garden as there is a whole bunch of garden furniture including beautiful outdoor lampshades. Perfect for my future home. I still have my fingers crossed that it will be the cottage from The Holiday. But for now, I’ll sit round my pictures of plants in my flat trying to convince myself that I’m dining alfresco. My London style garden.

Do you know of sustainable brands I could add to my ethical directory of lust-worthy brands?

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