3 Ways to Curb the Spending

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I often find there are times I will go into a charity or vintage shop and I’ll think it’s a great idea to spend all the money.

I went shopping a few weekends ago (after dropping a big ol’ bag of clothes at my local Oxfam) and was able to control myself in a way I rarely do in a charity shop. I picked up a few things, including this Barnardo’s shirt. I know you must be thinking that I should have picked up trousers to wear with this shirt based on the weather now, but I promise you that these photographs were taken a few weekends ago during that random warm weekend. The one where the whole country was confused. A third of the population was wearing jeans, scarf and hat because it was October and that’s what we’re meant to do in October. A third of the population were wearing shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses because they had checked the weather. And a third of the population were wearing shorts with a puffa jacket because they couldn’t quite decide what to do with this anomaly of a weekend. I went with the latter. A short dress. A hat. Winter boots. Suitable for both all occasions and no occasion at all.

Rather than forgetting to buy trousers, here are 3 more appropriate ways to curb the spending.

1.Wear something you love shopping

In the past, I have found that if I’m wearing something I don’t love when walking around the shops I tend to like, and subsequently buy, more because most things in the shop seem better than what I’m wearing. By wearing something I love, I find I am a lot pickier and end up with new (usually second-hand) clothes I love just as much as the favourite outfit I’m wearing.

2. Check for the gaps in your wardrobe

By knowing what’s missing in my wardrobe, I find it easier to focus on the areas of the (charity) shops that I know I need. When I’m in need of knitwear, I know I shouldn’t spend the majority of my time in the dress/jumpsuit section. This way I find I don’t impulse buy items I don’t need.

3. Think of 3 outfits you can incorporate the item into  

When out ‘n’ about shopping, if I see something I think I love, I try to think of 3 outfits I could make using the item and the trousers/skirts/shoes etc. that I already have in my wardrobe. This is with the exception of occasion wear – usually a wonderful dress/jumpsuit/suit for a wedding/prom/*insert swanky event here* is bloody amazing enough with just a pair of Loubitons, ahem, I mean ASOS flatforms. When I think an item will work with a lot I already have in my wardrobe, I know I’m going to get price per wear down low. It’s the times that I think ‘Oo if I buy this, I’ll need new trousers, hat, coat, shoes, shoelaces and a vest to go with’, I know I will end up hardly wearing the item.

And that’s it. 3 ways to curb the spending so you don’t end up with enough clothes after a shopping trip to dress you, your partner, your Mum, your friends, the neighbour…and the neighbours cat.

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable Fashion

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