Ode to the Charity Shop Suede

Charity ShopCharity ShopCharity ShopCharity Shop  Coat: Cancer Research UK, Top, Skirt & Bag: Oxfam, Boots (Similar) & Hat (Similar): ASOS

One of my absolute favourite charity shop purchases of this year is this green suede coat. It’s a big ol’ statement to throw out there as I have loved a lot of my 2017 second-hand purchases but there is something about this coat that stands out. The suede is in good condition. It fits me pretty bloomin’ comfortably and it’s not black or grey but still manages to go with most my wardrobe.

I’m usually pretty careless when it comes to my clothes in that I will happily and messily eat Spaghetti Bolognese, drink too many glasses of red wine and chuck my coat to the side so I can dance away in a questionable bar on a Saturday night. But it’s a little different whilst wearing this suede number. I immediately bought a suede protector spray, I check where I’m sitting before settling down on the tube (I should probably do this anyway…) and I would most definitely take it off before a red wine session. Only rice, white wine and, ahem, gin around this coat. Maybe I wouldn’t go that far but I would probably consider sticking to the paler of the food/alcohol groups. For this reasons I think it’s safe to say that it’s numero uno on my charity shop favourites list of 2017. But there is still time. So, if I find that Shimps-esque faux leopard print coat with a detachable blue faux fur collar, then this one might get bumped down and win second prize. Maybe.

Charity ShopCharity ShopCharity ShopCharity ShopCharity ShopCharity Shop Charity ShopCharity ShopCharity Shop

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