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Sustainable FashionShorts: Fara Charity Shop, Jumper: Marie Curie, Bag & Belt: Oxfam, Boots (Similar) & Hat (Similar): ASOS 

Come October and I’m always so ready for autumn. For me it’s a time all about the hot drinks, super soft scarves and the biggest coat possible. However, this mini heatwave has thrown me. As much as I love a good summer dress or pair of summer shorts, I have already packed them away for this year – a little too prematurely it turns out.

Last weekend as the sun made an appearance-a little late too the party but never mind. I thought about how I could make my autumn wardrobe into something that wouldn’t look completely out of place amongst the shorts and t-shirts around London Town.

Having found these shorts in my local Fara a few weekends ago I thought they would keep me cool (temperature wise…) whilst still keeping with the autumn hues colour palette. Being around the £5 mark and being 100% silk, I’m expecting these shorts to become most valuable in terms of price per wear.

Recently both my Instagram profile and stories have become a place not only to share my existing outfits but also favourite finds I spot in charity shops that I don’t end up buying because they don’t fit/look quite right when on me – she says whilst crying into her pillow Rylan style. I have found of late that a lot of these share-worthy-but-I’m-not-buying-for-reasons-beyond-my-control items have been from Fara including Gucci shoes, an Alice Temperly dress and one hell’uva D&G skirt – yup, all the real designer deal for a lot less.

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion

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