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A few years ago I did a little fashion DIY for the Oxfam blog, adapting an oversized shirt into a off-the-shoulder, Bardot style top. Having worn it many a times over the years, I thought I would set about making another one. Super easy to make, and taking less than 1 hour, this shirt is definitely one to make on a rainy Sunday. I got sewing per-retry quickly after spotting a plain white shirt for two tiny pounds in my local charity shop. Here’s how I did it.

DIY Off The Shoulder


  • A Second-Hand Shirt (slightly oversized so it can be gathered in)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Tailors Chalk
  • Elastic (enough so when stretched fits comfortably around where the top will eventually sit plus a few extra centimetres for seam allowance)

DIY Off The Shoulder

Step 1

Try the shirt on and pin where you would like the top of the shirt to sit. Once you have taken the shirt off, mark 3cm above this line with chalk (to allow for seam allowance).

DIY Off The Shoulder

Step 2

Cut the line made with the chalk.

Step 3

Fold the raw edge under 1.5cm. Press. Then fold under again by 1.5cm and press to conceal the raw edge.

DIY Off The Shoulder

Step 4

Stitch along the pressed seam, leaving a space of around 2cm towards the back of the shirt.

Attach the end of the elastic to the safety pin and thread it through the gap left in the seam at the back of the shirt. Feed the safety pin all the way through the new seam. Remove the safety pin and stitch the two ends of the elastic together. Stitch the gap in the seam.

I then cut the hem off the shirt as I wanted the length to be slightly shorter.

And that’s it. A productive way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon…well, a Sunday hour. Before heading back to lying on the sofa, watching Netflix until it asks if you’re still there/conscious.

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