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Sustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionJacket & Dress: Scope, Bag & Belt: Oxfam, Boots: ASOS (Sold Out but Similar

In my last post I spoke about a Scope staple dress. This is it. Since purchasing not too long ago, this is it’s second appearance over in this little corner of t’internet. Paired with my Levi’s jacket (from Oxfam) this outfit sums up my style when I cannot for the life of me decide what to wear on those early mornings. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about charity shop keepers – this post was inspired by my Oxfam denim dress, another item I reach for over and over when I have nothing to wear. As with the Oxfam dress, the black, midi, Scope dress in these pictures was one I picked up and bought without much thought going into how I would wear it. I didn’t think it would be one of those items I’d have to stop myself from wearing because I’d worn it 79 days in a row and Jane from accounts was starting to think it was the only item of clothing I’d ever wear. But it has become this kind of item. And that, in my second-hand eyes, can only be a great thing. It means it’s easy, it’s comfortable and it is most definitely a keeper. With the price-per-wear at a fraction of a penny (almost), I got thinking about how you can tell if a charity shop buy is going to be a keeper.

Here are three things I think about when charity shopping to ensure I’ll get a lot of wear from an item:

  1. Think of 3 ways to wear it: When charity shopping I always try to think of three ways I would style an item of clothing with the items I already have. After purchasing items in the past, I have got home to discover that they don’t go with any tops/skirts/shoes in my existing wardrobe and it’s in these instances that I end up barely wearing the item. It’s the times I think of how I could incorporate the garment into my existing wardrobe that I end up wearing it again and again.
  2. Is it easy to wash? Dry clean only? If you’re anything like me you’ll wear these items until it needs a wash then leave it in the wardrobe thinking ‘I will get around to taking that to the dry cleaners’ but by the time you’ve got a few things to make the trip worth while, it will be time to take down the Christmas tree and 2018 will be, well, tomorrow. I have recently started to check how easy it is to care for items so I can easily wash them ensuring I can keep that ‘how many times can I possibly wear this without people thinking it’s attached to me’ number as high as possible.
  3. Buy Well: Love Your Clothes believe ‘loving your clothes starts with smarter buying’ – and they ain’t wrong. By looking at things such as the fabric, you can usually determine whether it will last and withstand the years of wear you’ll want to get from it. Love Your Clothes have wonderful resources on their website including tips and guides on how to buy well and care for your clothes to ensure they last the duration.

Have you got any tips on how to shop to ensure you’ll end up wearing the item again ‘n’ again ‘n’ again?

Sustainable FashionSustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable Fashion


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