Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Top: Scope, Skirt & Belt: Oxfam, Shoes: Converse 

Scope is a charity shop I have been a fan of for a good ol’ while. One always filled to the brim with wonderful clothes. The Camden Scope is one of my favourites and the one in which I picked up up what has become my go-to dress when I’m stuck on what to wear. A little long at first, I got a pair of scissors and after a bit of chopping and sewing, the dress is now the perfect midi length for short ol’ me. Other favourites from Scope include my Levi’s denim jacket (one that’s going to be in my wardrobe forever) and now, this Comme des Garçons, striped top. Not surprisingly, I’m not the owner of a lot of designer clothes. As much I would love to be able to splash out on the odd piece of Vivienne Westwood or Stella McCartney (as I love what both designers stand for and their beautiful clothes), I have never been able to afford such a luxury. One day. A gal can dream, ey. But for now, rent comes first in London. However, by shopping at wonderful places, like Scope, I am able to get in on that little luxury for less. I saw this striped top recently and loved that the vertical red line made it a little different to the usual breton striped t-shirt. Picking it up, I could tell it was made well and would last long. It’s so soft and is one of those purchases, like with my other Scope purchases, that is going to be in my wardrobe for a hell’uva long time.

Scope are currently running a campaign called the Great Donate, encouraging us to pass on all that unwanted clobber. An unworn top, neglected in a wardrobe could be someone else’s absolute favourite. Find your local Scope shop here – the perfect place to drop off clothes after that post summer clear out.

Happy Donating!

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion

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  1. September 4, 2017 / 11:17 am

    I just love this outfit Hannah, so so gorge! x

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