Nobody’s Child & A Lotta Oxfam

Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSkirt: Nobody’s Child (Out of Stock but Similar), Top & Bag: Oxfam, Boots: ASOS

I recently rewrote my About Me page for this blog. As well as a little waffling about how I got into charity shopping, I also mentioned that I wanted to learn more about sustainable fashion. This is still the case. I want to learn more about how to shop sustainably and where. I’ve started to do a little research into the topic by reading up on-the-line but I have also picked up a few books. Safia Minney’s Slow Fashion is a good’un for discovering ethical brands and I’m really looking forward to learning more about them and the sustainable fashion topic as a whole! Whilst learning about new brands, I also managed to squeeze in a little time for browsing the websites of conscious brands I had perviously heard of and love such as Reformation, COSSAC and Nobody’s Child. After about two minutes on Nobody’s Child I fell in love with this skirt. I put it in my virtual basket and went back to it every day before I finally committed a week later. I did the usual thing where I imagine it incorporated into three outfit so I know I’ll get a lot of wear from it. A few days later it was at my door. I put it straight on and went out for ahem, a boozy brunch with an band t-shirt and chunky boots. Anything that can been worn easily with trainers/boots/sandels and an ol’ t-shirt is a keeper in my second-hand eyes!

Sustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable FashionSustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable FashionSustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion

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