3 Alternative Ways To Shop

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Skirt & Bag: Oxfam, Shirt: Barnardo’s, Boots: ASOS

Growing up I just loved to shop. Saturday’s were made for heading out to the shops with my friends. It was on one of these trips that we ventured down the street lined with second-hand shops rather than the road with all the usual high-street shops. I ended up with a bag full to the top of second-hand sartorial greatness and my second-hand eyes were opened to a few alternative ways of shopping.

1. Second-Hand Shopping

Age 13: I ventured into my first Oxfam when on the shopping trip with my friends. After a quick rummage through the rails I was hooked.

Age 15: I found myself in the Topshop on Oxford Street. Rather than rummaging through Topshop own brand, I found myself routing through the vintage section I had never come across before. An hour later I was the proud owner of a pair of vintage, pointed boots which I wore and wore…and wore for bloomin’ years.

Age 18: Off to university I went. I went to Brighton which I quickly discovered was FULL of charity shops and the lanes are lined with vintage greatness. My love for all second-hand shopping grew per-retty rapidly.

Age 23 & Beyond: University done and it was off out into the working world. Although I started earning, I still found myself digging though the rails of the second-hand shops, not only for a bargain, but also for the unique and wonderful dresses/tops/skirts.

Charity & vintage shopping, in my opinion, are the absolute best way to find all things from studded shirts for a few pounds to heavily embellished dresses at a tenth of the price as the high-street equivalent to floaty 70’s dresses for every single occasion. This makes for alternative shopping at its absolute sparkliest – for all ages.

2. Swap Shop

This alternative way of changing up the wardrobe is my favourite – because it involves friends and Prosecco/gin/*insert-beverage-of-choice*. A few weeks ago after a natter, a drink and a few merry hours, I found myself with a new patterned dress, a pair of culottes and a whole bunch of jewellery. I also found that I had a little more space in my wardrobe since I had traded in a few pieces I just never seemed to wear. Love Your Clothes have some wonderful tips on how to organise a successful swishing clothes swap.

3. Share

Sharing food is something I’m notoriously bad at in my family. Sharing a curry? Not for me, I’ll be ordering my own and sticking with it. Think the scene in Friends where ‘JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!’ Now just replace ‘JOEY’ with ‘HANNAH’. ¬†However, sharing wonderful fashion pieces is something I can get on board with.

Share Our Style is a website from which customers are able to rent a bag for a few days/weeks rather than having to fork out for that Burberry/Chloe/Chanel bag. I asked Sam more about Share Our Style and why it’s important to find an alternative to fast fashion.

”Many of us are fed up of the fashion industry’s constant messages telling us what we should be buying and what celebrities are wearing. Consumers are focusing on buying brands that are good quality and will last for a number of seasons rather than trends . We’re asking who made out clothes and at what cost? As a result fast fashion is being replaced by slow fashion. We are looking for experience over ownership and are choosing to buy high quality pieces we truly love. We’re finding other ways to be stylish and live sustainably. This is where the sharing economy can assist so we can borrow what we need and share what we have.”

So, want that Lulu Guinness Lipstick clutch? Rather than committing on the splurge, you can rent it and get your fix. This kind of alternative shopping is perfect for anybody as indecisive as me!

And that’s it. Three ways to shake up the ol’ wardrobe with a little alternative shopping. If you know of anymore ways to shop a little differently then let me know – and the more that involve Prosecco, the better!

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion

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