Discovering New Charity Shops

 Dress: Crisis (Archway), Bag: Oxfam, Boots: Topshop (Old)

London is a big ol’ place. One I’m not too great at exploring. I tend to find an area I like and return to it on a regular basis, rather than discovering all that London has to offer. Which is a lot! Having moved a while back, I have been on the hunt for new places (and by places I mean charity shops) to spend my money. Last weekend, whilst the sun was blazing hot, I decided to not check the weather forecast, dress in black trousers/t-shirt/boots and spend the morning discovering a few new charity shop areas.

First stop was Camden which, although I have been on a few occasions, has a few good charity shops within a short distance. We ventured left out the station (walking away from the market) and TRAID was waiting on the left for us. After a little walk further down, on the right, there was a wonderful Oxfam, Scope and The British Heart Foundation – not at all bad for just over a 5 minute walk from the station.

After all this charity shop greatness, my friend and I decided we wanted more so we hopped on the tube and went north two stops to Archway. This time we exited the station and went right. We crossed the road and quickly found a Marie Claire and a Children’s Air Ambulance shop. After routing around the filled rails we walked on and came to a Crisis shop on our left. Not one to disappoint, I left with a significantly more stuffed bag than when I arrived. One item in this significantly stuffed bag was this dress which I thought was going to be one of those ones perfect for those too hot days throughout the summer that I just cannot cope with. And I wasn’t wrong. The following day was also a scorcher so I put this dress on and complained much less about the heat than I usually do…a winner all round I would say! On my trip to Crisis in Archway I also picked up a Michael Kors purse (tags still attached ‘n’ all) and a velvet top which wouldn’t look out of place at a Christmas party but it was a case of love at first sight so I had to have it – in June. Put the following on your ‘to go to’ list: ‘Crisis at Archway’. There will be no regrets.


  1. June 18, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Oh this was really useful! I’m going down to Londonsolo next month and I’ve been to Camden plenty of times but never turned left!!

    • hannah
      June 26, 2017 / 8:32 pm

      Ah great! Definitely head to Camden and turn left – lots of great second-hand clothes!

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