A week in charity shop outfits

I wish I was one of those people who, as soon as they arrive at a holiday destination, unpack and are able to gaze into their wardrobe each morning and carefully put together outfits based on the neatly presented selection. Unfortunately, I am no such individual. I’ve come to accept that this just ain’t who I am as I edge towards my late 20’s. When arriving to a hotel, I’m the type of girl who will chuck the whole suitcase near the wardrobe and head out to explore. That suitcase then doesn’t move until I leave. I live out the suitcae as I never seem to find the time to organise. Although, I do find time to read too many boos, make jugs of sangria and lie on the sofa with the fan blasting in my face after perhaps not applying enough sun cream.

Mid-way through my trip to Lisbon (despite being incapable of unpacking) I realised that 98% of my holiday wardrobe was made up of charity shop purchases and thought it was only right (this being a predominately charity shop blog n’ all) that I share what second-hand combinations I scattily put together each day. Due to the fact that I took an inappropriately small bag out some days, I didn’t always take my camera so some of these pictures are (kind of) good ol’ fashion phone pictures! I’m trying to roll with it…! Here are just a few of my holiday charity shop outfits. Every piece of clothing in these pictures (not including the shoes) are from my favourite second-hand places. From Oxfam to Barnardos to Scope – there’s something from them all!

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  1. June 12, 2017 / 4:13 am

    The black dress was my fav! What a find 😀 Looks like you had an awesome time

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