23 April, 2017

An Oxfam Spring Haul


We all know I'm partial to a little shopping in Oxfam. I'm often in there browsing at the weekends and I often leave with new favourites, so when Oxfam mentioned that they would be launching a campaign called #FoundinOxfam I jumped at the chance to get involved and ahem, spend a little more time in Oxfam.  As well as answering a few questions on the Oxfam Fashion Blog, I also finally got around to making my second YouTube video (it's only been over a year since the first). With a £30 limit I picked up some lovely bits in order to update my wardrobe for spring - and summer and autumn and winter for that matter. With £30 I don't believe you could pick much up on the high-street which would be of a decent quality, but in Oxfam I picked up a number of things that I can already tell are going to last me bloomin' years. To see what I picked up you can see the video here. And if you have bought anything in Oxfam then be sure to use the hashtag FoundinOxfam on all the social medias - because I love nothing more than browsing all those wonderful, second-hand purchases! 

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