30 October, 2016

Dreamer DIY

Fashion DIY
Jumper: Oxfam (DIY'd) 

I have been meaning to post this little fashion DIY tutorial for a while but I feel as though it's so simple that it's not really a tutorial, it's more of a DIY idea. After spotting this plain grey jumper in Oxfam for 50p(?!) I thought it provided the perfect opportunity to get onboard the slogan jumper bandwagon that I have been loving all over the highstreet. A few of my favourite slogans out 'n' about include 'Hello Lovely', 'Dream on Dreamer' and um, 'Hangry' because the last slogan pretty much sums me if I haven't breakfast by 10am. In the end I went with a simple 'Dreamer' slogan because as well being another word to sum me up, it was also short enough to fit comfortably on the jumper! So, here it is, the easiest fashion DIY instructions you will ever see! 

Fashion DIY


- Charity Shop Jumper
- Iron on Letters (Other colours include gold, white and blue)
- Iron
- Chalk
- Ruler or Tape Measure

Fashion DIY

1. Mark from the centre front of the neck down to where you would like the top of your slogan to sit. Place the middle letter of your slogan so it sits with the top of the letter touching the mark. If your slogan has an even number of letters, place the middle two letters either side of this mark. 

2. Press the iron onto the letter. The time needed to hold the iron depends on the letters purchased. Instructions came with the letters I purchased (here). I held the iron on for just over 30 seconds on a fairly high heat. 

Once the central letter has been secured, work outwards placing each letter equal distance from the central letter. 

And that's pretty much it. I ended up wearing this jumper most days for a fair ol' while (with a few washes in between)! The price per wear turned out to be per-retty great with the jumper being 50p plus a little extra for the letters. Now I'm off to think about a whole bunch of slogans to upcycle my charity shop t-shirts. Next time you see me I'll be wearing that 'Hangry' t-shirt...! 

Fashion DIY


  1. This is so great! Looks amazing, you wouldn't be able to tell you did it yourself! Love the slogan choice and 50p for that what a bargain! You did well! I need to try this myself, thanks for idea and tutorial!

    JosieVictoriaa // Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. Ah thanks so much :) Definitely let me know if you do one yourself - would love to see :) x


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