#30Wears in Esprit

Having recently entered the costume working world, I find myself continuously reaching for all the comfy clothes when hurriedly selecting my outfit for the long day ahead. One such item I have been reaching for again and again are my Esprit trainers I picked up last autumn. As well as being super-duper comfy (i.e. costume work friendly) they are also a little fancier than you’re average trainer. I have been meaning to compile a little high-street/internet wish-list of a few of items I believe I would get a good amount of wear out off. The #30Wears campaign encourages us to purchase items we absolutely, ruddy love and that we can be pretty darn certain we’re going to wear more than 30 times. Since I have been wearing my Esprit trainers alllll the time, I thought Esprit’s corner of the internet would be a good place to start searching for new items I know I’m going to love. 

I have chosen a beauty of a blouse to kick-start my wish-list. It’s a classic white, victorian style with a high-neck. I have selected this blouse to win ‘my favourite item on Esprit’ award because I think it’s so versatile and to prove it, I have picked 3 items I think it would look wonderful with. By dreaming up 3 outfits based around this one item, I’m pretty certain I would wear it more than 30 times. So, we’re off, here’s outfit numero 1. 

Esprit Dunagrees / Esprit Blouse / Esprit Boots / Esprit Bag / Esprit Triple Ring / Esprit Single Ring

First up I have paired the blouse with dungarees. Hesitant to get on the 90’s revival trend at first, it’s safe to say that now I am fully on board the dungaree train. With the bottom on the trouser rolled up, I would love this outfit with the suede, slightly pointed boots for a little elongation of the ol’ legs (short gal problems!) In my eyes, no outfit is ever complete without an abundance of rings so I would add these to complete the look! 

Esprit Socks / Esprit Blouse / Esprit Skirt / Esprit Bag / Esprit Triple Ring / Esprit Trainers 

Second up is suede. I love all things suede and when it can be paired with my entire wardrobe, as this beauty of a black skirt can be, I’m sold. The suede skirt and floaty blouse are balanced out by the causal, easy trainer so I could wear this comfortably to work. Forever a magpie, I couldn’t help but think this outfit would be complete with the addition of the glitter socks and as before, I can’t help but add rings to every outfit! 

Esprit Jeans / Esprit Blouse / Esprit Coat / Esprit Shoes / Esprit Triple Ring

Finally, a wish-list of mine wouldn’t be complete without a little denim. The great thing about my chosen white blouse is that it makes any outfit, however effortless, into one of those ‘I kinda made an effort today’ outfits. With some slip on shoes and a big ol’ coat, this outfit is once again completed by the addition of too many rings and would be perfect for Autumn. 

So, there it is – the three ways I would style a high-neck white shirt to ensure I got the most wear out of it possible. All I need now is the temperature to drop slightly as I think I may have been thinking about Autumn dress a little too prematurely with this wish-list…! 

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