#30 Wears in Oxfam

Oxfam Fashion

Oxfam Fashion

Oxfam FashionShirt: Oxfam, Skirt: Topshop, Belt: Cancer Research, Boots: Shoe Zone

Always returning to old Oxfam favourites, it’s no different when it comes to this shirt (previously worn on the old blog here and here). After a few weeks of scorching sun, and still no closer to understanding summer dress, I stuck to Autumnal favourites in this Oxfam shirt and denim skirt. 

As I am currently, as Dolly put it, working
9-5 and a regular on the 7.22am weekday train I’m able to enjoy a little social
time with my friends, boyfriend and family who mostly work the same regular
hours. So far, I have enjoyed a little mid-week yoga, Friday Mojitos and late
night shopping trips. I wore this transitional ‘work to evening’ outfit last
Friday for a little weekend celebrations. Determined to make the most of the
evenings, my boyfriend and I hopped on the Northern Line, jumped off at Camden
Town and headed for Kerb. Kerb put on street food events around London
providing us lucky ol’ people with variety of the bloomin’ tastiest food ever.
After walking around the market 3 times I settled on a Sagg Paneer Burger with
chips smothered in Mango Chutney and Yogurt sauces. Although it was drizzling,
we managed to find a table under an umbrella to sway along to the DJ who
played all my favourites from Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker to Motown hits. It was a good’un!

Oxfam Fashion

Oxfam FashionOxfam Fashion


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