Insta-Update #5

My Instagram Account

Although my struggle with blogging throughout the winter is over (it is light enough for over an hour to allow a little picture snapping), I still thought it was time for another Insta-update. With Instagram being my favourite of the social medias I try to post over on my Instagram most days, although somedays this can be a little tricky as occasionally I am at home all day, sewing alone with just a cactus to talk to. Recently on the ol’ feed I have been posting my latest charity shop purchases, sharing a few outfit pictures which haven’t been featured on the web-log and waffling about my favourite second-hand shops in London (FYI, a favourite includes TRAID in Shepherds Bush). There has also recently been my first attempt at a selfie for Fashion Revolution Week. Spoiler alert: I’m not a natural selfie taker – they’re bloody difficult so they won’t become a regular feature so it’ll be safe to follow over here

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