Fashion Revolution Week: A Haulternative

Last year, on the 24th of April, Fashion Revolution Day prompted us to don our dresses/t-shirts/trousers inside out and ask the brand #whomademyclothes? This year, a whole week has been dedicated to the incredibly necessary cause.

I love fashion. It can be so fun. I enjoy the process of curating outfits, upcycling unloved pieces and routing through my friends wardrobes for a little fash’un inspo – you usually have to get permission for this one! I love fashion but I don’t want to enjoy it at the expense of others. Journalist Lucy Siegle points out that ‘fast fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying’. This is what happened on the 24th of April 2013. 1,130 men and women paid for fast fashion with their lives. An additional 2,500 were injured. I mentioned in last year’s fashion revolution post that numbers like this are hard to comprehend. These numbers haven’t got any easier to comprehend. This should not have happened. 

Often I watch the BBC news and feel completely useless. However, after the events in Bangladesh Fashion Revolution was born. People started to ask brands important question and information was given about how we could actively get involved. Last year I posted a haulternative, a collection of my favourite second-hand purchases over the previous 12 months. I thought this year I would do the same as once again, I have picked up a fair few second-hand items which I’m a little (a lotta) in love with! So, for the second time, here is my version of the charity shop haulternative. A collection of my favourite second-hand finds over the past 12 months.


Last spring I was wearing a whole lot of charity shop shirts. I absolutely loved (and still love) the round collar, white shirt I picked up from Oxfam a while back. I fell equally in love (I’m easy) with the oversized blue floral shirt which I went on to wear throughout the summer/autumn/winter and back to spring again with jeans and Dr Martens on those ‘I don’t have anything to wear days’. It’s a keeper! The military style green skirt has also been a firm favourite as it saw me through rainy days with a roll neck, thick tights and boots.


I think the smile on my face in the summer pictures show how much I was enjoying the sun. The sun which was made more bearable in second-hand favourites. I went through a phase of stopping on in the charity shops on Kings Road, Chelsea and boy, there were some gems in that neck of the woods. I found the world’s comfiest floral dress (as shown in the first picture) and a sheer maxi skirt with attached shorty shorts (as shown in the second summer picture) both of which saw me through some lonnnnggg bus journeys, dinners out and tourist-packed days in Sri Lanka. The checked Oxfam shorts will definitely be making many appearances from June to September for BBQ’s, beach days and Pimms drinking – weather permitting!


Autumn colours cannot be beaten. My absolute favourite time of year (and not just because it’s my birthday) is that time when the leaves start falling, days get shorter and on one particular day it’s totally acceptable to buy sweets in abundance claiming you always have trick-or-treaters even though the last time you had one was in 2009. A few of my autumn second-hand finds include a £1 (!?) purple flowery shirt, a green t-shirt which I wore back-to-front as I preferred the button fastenings at the front, a denim skirt and red belt from Oxfam and the leather skirt I had been after all my life!


Since I love a little layering, winter is good for me. The pink and black Oxfam dress (worn open) has been one of those items I have worn over and over. I’m actually a little surprised I’ve worn anything else this winter! The glittery jumper was party perfect when you need to head out but the thought of putting on a dress sends shivers down your spine. I picked up the next black dress and belt combo in my local Oxfam and although it is still relatively new, I have worn it day, night and then day again. It’s as great with big ol’ sparkly shoes as it is with an ol’ white t-shirt underneath and converse. My final second-hand favourite in my 2016 #haulternative for Fashion Revolution is a green dress from Oxfam which is a little different and makes it look as though I’ve made a little effort even when thrown on with the world’s oldest leather jacket and scuffed converse. Brilliant! 

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