31 March, 2016

Second Hand Shopping in NYC

After spending a fair amount of time scouting out the best second-hand shops in New York prior to my holiday last month, I thought I would do a little round-up of a few of the thrift and vintage haunts I loved the most. Whilst New York is renowned for pavements being lined with designer, I was far more excited about the scouring the second-hand shops of the East Village - I realise that I'm talking as though I could afford a little designer, I can't! But the thrift/vintage/second-hand shops didn't disappoint. On Saturday, after walking 45 blocks to 579 5th Ave (otherwise known as Monk Vintage), I treated myself to a 70's suede jacket I know I am going to love forever - an investment purchase at it's best. To be worn with a faux fur stole in winter and over a floral dress in summer, I'm sure I'm going to get my pennies worth with this little jacket. So that's enough babbling from me - here's a few of my favourite second-hand shops in NYC.  

Second Hand Shopping NYC
Second Hand Shopping NYC

AuH20 84 East 7th Street

In AuH20 I got the feeling that clothes had been hand picked especially for this beautiful little shop. Owned by Kate Goldwater (Au=Gold, H20=Water, so a bloomin' clever name), AuH20's mission is to make shopping sustainably as 'easy and enjoyable' as shopping elsewhere. Definitely a shop after my own second-hand heart. I walked away from AuH20 empty handed but instantly felt shoppers remorse as I didn't pick up the perfect-for-spring, pink suede skirt and the 90's maroon bomber jacket and, well, everything else in this beautiful, incredibly reasonably priced shop. 

Second Hand Shopping NYC

Buffalo Exchange, 332 East 11th Street (but sooo many other locations - see here

Forever an advocate of vintage, charity and second-hand shopping, I think we need more shops like the Buffalo Exchange in London. With Buffalo Exchange being a Buy-Sell-Trade shop, you can drop of old clothes and either sell or trade for be-youu-tiful second-hand clothes. I visited Buffalo Exchange as a shopper with nothing to sell/trade but I managed to pick up a $15 second-hand stripey dress which I have worn over and over since landing back in Landan Tawnnn. This place is a little less vintage and a little more current high-street trend so if you're not a fan of the 50's to 90's and are happier with newer, more current trends then this is the shop for to spend an hour, ahem, I mean an afternoon in.

Second Hand Shopping NYC
Second Hand Shopping NYC
Second Hand Shopping NYC

Beacon's Closet, 10 West 13th Street, Manhatten

I'm a little jealous of Beacon's Closet - I wouldn't mind it as my own wardrobe as this place is full of rails of clothes, shoes are piled on the shelves and accessories line the shop in abundance. Another Buy-Sell-Trade one, Beacon's Closet was another place I hurried off to the changing room with a silver pleated skirt, a shirt with inappropriately gigantic sleeves and a whole lot of delightfulness which can only be picked up in a second-hand stores. 

Second Hand Shopping NYC
Second Hand Shopping NYC

Monk Vintage, 579 5th Avenue

Last, but most certainly not least, Monk Vintage. This is the place I picked up my beloved 70's suede jacket. With a whole load of vintage greatness hidden amongst these filled rails. Time Out have said about Monk Vintage 'dig and ye shall find' which explains why I loved this place. There is nothing more exciting than routing around a treasure chest for seriously enviably items which will be at the forefront of the wardrobe for a hell'uva long time.!


  1. Very nice post, thank you for the tips! :) I was in New York last november, but I only got chance to visit Crossroads Trading Company because we had kinda busy schedule :( We were only three days in NYC, but I'm hoping that someday I could stay there longer and spend my days in all wonderful vintage stores! :)

    Sorry, my english is'nt fluent, I'm from Finland :D You have great blog <3

    1. Ah thank you :) Ooo yea if you go back definitely check out the vintage shops! They're amazing :) x


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