06 December, 2015

An Oxfam Party Skirt

Oxfam Fashion
Oxfam Fashion
Skirt: Oxfam, Jumper: H&M, Shoes: Dr Martens

It was this skirt I was referring to in my last post when going on about skirts flying up in the wind. It was a mistake wearing it on a windy day (windy being an understatement) but I just love the colours so much. With all these Christmas dinners/drinks coming up I was hoping to find something a little party-ish in Oxfam on my last visit. When I spotted this skirt I thought it would do just fine! As always when picking up an Oxfam bargain, I couldn't wait for a party to take this skirt for a spin so I teamed it with this sparkly jumper from H&M which I have worn so much lately! I think it goes with everything - and if it doesn't, well, I wear it anyway! 

With a hand-in on my Costume course coming up I have been sewing during all available hours/minutes/seconds I have spare. On Thursday my thoughts will switch from fabric, dye and sewing to Christmas cocktails/food/all round merry-ness with friends and family. I'm so excited and have already planned to wear this skirt with a black t-shirt, red lipstick and a lorra lorra jewellery to kick of the celebrations! 

Oxfam Fashion
Oxfam Fashion
Oxfam Fashion


  1. Love the festive feel of this outfit! The pattern on this skirt makes this such a lovely charity shop find. I may need to get my hands on this jumper - the colour of it is gorgeous :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. Ah thank you so much :) Definitely would recommend the jumper - I wear it allll the time :) x

  2. You are looking super cute !


  3. Absolutely love this skirt. And your whole blog. I can never get enough of charity shop fashion, but good writing and photography make it that much more enjoyable. Xx

    Sarah from plumandplaid.wordpress.com


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