5 Ways to get Fashion DIY Inspiration

Fashion DIY

When I look into my wardrobe and lack outfit inspiration it’s usually time to get fashion DIY-ing. Since I’m usually on a budget I see what I can do with the clothes I have rather than heading out to the shops and filling my basket – as much as I would always love to do that! When I’m lacking fashion DIY ideas I always look to the same sort of places. From a trip down the high-street to a virtual visit to a favourite blog, inspiration is never far away. Here are a few of my favourite places to gather fashion DIY inspiration*.

*Wonder if that’s a world record for the amount of times the word ‘inspiration’ has been used in one paragraph?

1. Raid the Vintage/Reclaimed section of Urban Outfitters

Fashion DIY

One of my favourite high-street shops is Urban Outfitters. When I’m able to splurge (which isn’t as often as I would like if I’m honest!) then I like to head to this high-street haunt. However, one of my favourite sections of the shop is the vintage corner. With DIY’d Levis to cut-off t-shirts, there is all sorts of inspiration to be found on these rails. I often emerge from the vintage corner with mental notes to cut all my t-shirt’s, add a lace trim to all shirts and dye all things denim. I’d better get DIY-ing!

2. Re-watch Friends episodes from the 90’s

Fashion DIY

Fashion DIY

I LOVE 90’s fashion. It’s fun, quirky and anything goes. After falling in love (again) with Rachel Green’s wardrobe of checked dresses circa. 1995 I stitched together a few of my own last year. With a simple pattern, a sewing machine and some checked fabric, it can take as little as a few hours to re-create dresses/tops good enough to sit at the forefront of Rachel’s wardrobe. 90’s enough for her to wear on her date in The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know. Other 90’s fashion icons include Drew Barrymore and Cher (Clueless).

3. Browse brilliant web-logs on the inter-web

Fashion DIY

This little space known as the internet is packed to the brim full of inspiration. A Pair and a Spare is my favourite virtual destination when lacking Fashion DIY inspiration. Geneva has so many tutorials – and I want to attempt them all. I clicked across this blog a few years ago and immediately made an easy-to-make tartan skirt. Since then I have been a regular visitor. A few of my current favourites which are on my ‘must sew’ list are this DIY Off The Shoulder Top and this DIY Lace Up Dress.

4. Get Pinning on Pinterest

Fashion DIY

My Fashion DIY Pinterest page is full of DIY ideas waiting to be completed. From simple DIY ideas (like this tank top decorated with a lace skull) to projects which would require a pattern and a little sewing (e.g. culottes), I can never wait to get DIY-ing after virtually visiting Pinterest. The only problem I’m having right now with this is that I can pin a lot faster than I can sew!

5.  Just start cutting

Fashion DIY

Fashion DIY

Sometimes when lacking inspiration it’s just good to get going. Get cutting, start adding trims and all that jazz. It’s even easier with denim as I feel that the whole fraying look is okay so minimal effort is required. I’ve recently cut a shirt and dress, both of which I left fraying – fashion DIY-ing at it’s most simple!

Where do you turn to when you’re looking for some fashion DIY ideas? 


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      Thank you 🙂 I do love a little browse in the vintage section 🙂 x

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