03 April, 2015

A Charity Shop Haul

When I was younger I used to go around to my friends houses and would love to look through their wardrobe's to see if they had any new, exciting items. Thankfully, around the same time I realised that asking to route through the wardrobe's of others wasn't normal, Youtube was born. No longer did I have to ask the odd question 'can I look in you wardrobe?' People started sharing their shopping purchases with the world and I had a front row ticket. Fast forward a number of years and here I am, posting my first shopping haul post. It's slightly different since I don't have a Youtube channel and I haven't shopped on the high-street for a good ol' while. After a recent charity shop route around I decided to photograph and post about my new items so you don't have to ask me the awkward wardrobe question - or was that just me?

The Sue Ryder Shirt
Last week I bought this shirt for £3.50. Without hesitation I rushed to the counter and it became mine. I love the 70's look it has about it with the simple maroon decorative embroidery. The small embroidered flowers on the cuffs add a nice touch and I think this will go perfectly with a cord skirt, boots and a shamelessly huge, burgundy floppy fedora - ya know, like they did it in the 70's :)

The Prospect Hospice Nightdress
Since Mollie Goddard's beautiful London Fashion Week show, I have become obsessed with layering pretty, girly dresses over grungy, not so girly ripped jeans and old t-shirts. When I spotted this nightdress in my local charity shop (The Prospect Hospice) I wanted to wear it immediately over the black, scruffy jeans and round neck, black t-shirt that I was wearing at the time. As well as using the dress to 'pretty-fy' my more shabby outfits, I will also be wearing this during the summer on the beach as a cover-up and with the lighter ripped jean/bandeau top combo. Well worth the £3 I parted with. 

The Oxfam Denim Dress
Ever since the photographs of Alexa Chung for AG surfaced, I have been keep an eye out for the perfect denim dress. On a recent trip to Oxfam I spotted this oversized button down denim dress. The dress was almost a maxi dress on me but I hacked off the hem so now it sits above my knees. I have been wearing this most days since purchasing - with everything from the faithful Dr Martens to buckle-up boots, this dress goes with everything!

The British Heart Foundation Shirt 
As a gal forever on the hunt the perfect white shirt, this was an exciting purchase. I love the old, Victorian-esque feel to it. I think it would go perfectly with a pinafore dress - for which I am also on the hunt for. I have had an ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Pinafore Dress in my saved items for a while so now I've found it's perfect partner, I may have to make the purchase :) I think this shirt will slot nicely in my wardrobe an is perfect for my usual uniform of black jeans and a fedora.

Thanks for reading. Have you picked up any exciting charity shop purchases lately?

Love, Hannah x


  1. The denim dress looks really nice. Lovely picks :)

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  2. Great charity shop chic! You prove my motto - "Never buy new." Love that denim dress and the white night dress. Actually love it all!

    1. Ahh the perfect motto :) Thanks so much - so glad you like it all :) x

  3. The sue ryder shirt and denim dress looks lovely, really great finds! I think I need to pop in to my local charity shops soon and have a browse! x

    1. Thank you! Charity Shopping is the perfect way to spend a Saturday :) Thanks again x

  4. Lovely post! :)


  5. that denim dress is amazing, my friend has one from topshop so this is such a steal!

    Aine Oh

    1. Oo thanks - definitely glad I bought it then :) Thanks again :) x

  6. that white dress is gorgeous!

    xx nikki


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