A little fashion DIY idea..

After falling very much in love with the pompom shoes in Topshop recently I decided to get DIY-ing and up-cycle a pair of shoes that I haven’t worn in a long time. The only ingredients required were an old pair of shoes, PomPoms – I got mine from a kids craft website called Crafty Little Bugs (which I initially read as Crafty Little Buggers…) and this E6000 glue which I purchased when I was making the Summer Tassel Necklace from A Pair and a Spare’s beautiful blog. I think I bought the glue online – you can purchase it from Amazon.

I feel as though this blog post is more of a fashion DIY idea rather than a tutorial of some sort as the process is super easy as shown in the pictures below. I put 4 blobs (a technical term there) of the glue onto the shoe, placed the pompom on carefully and pushed on the pompom for a few minutes. Easy peasy I hear you say.

Since the shoes had been spiced up, the first time I wore them I just paired them with skinny jeans and a shirt. I felt as though the humungous pompom on my shoes did the talking. These shoes are a great party alternative if you don’t fancy heels – you can just dance all night to the best songs ever and have a merry ol’ time. 

Love, Hannah x


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