17 September, 2014

Mixing Summer and Autumn

Wool Skirt: Oxfam (Originally Jaeger), Top & Boots: Topshop, Hat: TK Maxx (Similar here

I've always preferred Autumn/Winter. It could be because my birthday falls in the autumn, it could be  the feelings instilled in me as a child that colder weather leads to presents at Christmas, it could be because my favourite TV shows re-appear or it could be because I just freakin' love Autumn/Winter fashion. I love the darker colours, deeper lipsticks and varying textures. This is why I couldn't wait any longer for the colder weather - I had to wear this woollen skirt from Oxfam (originally Jaeger). Since the weather wasn't woollen skirt appropriate I had to team it with a little top but I am looking forward to wearing it with a grey jumper and a white collar. 

Although I love love Winter fashion I have been catching up with all the blogs showcasing the best of Spring/Summer 2015 fashion - looks set to be a scorcher. I have really enjoyed reading/watching all London Fashion Week posts but I've listed and linked below a few of my favourites:

Susie Bubble Backstage: On BBC iPlayer Susie Bubble has an access all areas to a selection of shows. The contrast of the grace on stage with the craziness backstage is noticeable and I don't think I will ever watch a fashion show in the same way again. Shrimps is now a new favourite designer of mine - colour, faux fur and Alexa Chung, what's not to love? 

Vivianna Does Makeup's Burberry Inspired Make-up: Vivianna goes backstage at the Burberry show and does a tutorial on the make-up used. It's such a nice look with barely-there eye make-up and bold lipstick - it's a look I'm definitely going to try. 

Have you got any posts on the recent shows - if so, leave your link below as I would love to read them!

Love, Hannah x


  1. This is just perfect, you're such a doll Hannah x


  2. love that skirt!!



  3. Your skirt is gorgeous! I loved Susie Bubble at LFW- so inspiring x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Ah thank you! It was so good wasn't it - I just love her entire wardrobe :)! x


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