Depop Skirts

Plain Top: Topshop, Lace Top: H&M, Skirts: Depop, Shoes: Next to Nowt

In a post last week I mentioned that I had started selling a few vintage things on Depop. I am in need of a ma-hoosive clear out so feel free to take a look here. I have added a few additional things on to my account including this 80’s polka dot skirt and pale yellow, denim, 90’s style skirt. I’ve got a lotta love for them both but can’t keep everything in my wardrobe – especially now I am a student again 🙂

I am starting college again next week to study Theatrical Costume on which I will be studying/making women’s daywear from 1750-1780 so that will keep me busy and hopefully I will learn a lot. Who knows – this time next year my wardrobe may have been converted to hold only Georgian dresses…

Love, Hannah x


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