29th of June

Kimono: ASOS, Bag & Shirt: Oxfam, Trousers: River Island, Boots: Schuh, Rings: Topshop & Pandora

I did not anticipate how hot it would be on the 29th of June. I have memories of walking home from town feeling like my legs were expanding in this old pair of disco dupes. I imagine that if I had to re-wear them after I took them off at home the scene wouldn’t have been too dissimilar from the Ross’s leather pant incident in Friends. 

If you haven’t seen this episode then all you need to know is that a watery, talcon powder paste doesn’t help get tight trousers back on. I probably won’t wear these again for a good ol’ while.

Love, Hannah x


  1. August 7, 2014 / 1:23 pm

    So beautiful Hannah, your kimono is just utter perfection! x


    • August 9, 2014 / 7:55 am

      Thanks Louise – The bag was only £2.20 from a charity shop! x

    • August 9, 2014 / 7:56 am

      Aha it was a brave (or silly) decision wearing these trousers on a hot day 🙂 Ah thank you! I've just re-watched all episodes of Friends so it's in my mind a lot! 🙂 x

    • August 9, 2014 / 7:57 am

      Thank you! It's so cute I just have to limit my handbag essentials when I use it which I'm not great at 🙂 Thanks again x

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