Re-inventing a charity shop purchase

(Picture 1: Dress from a Vintage shop, Picture 2: Jumper from Oxfam)

I love nothing more than spending a Saturday afternoon hunting down vintage gems or scouting out charity shop bargains. The euphoria felt when finding an old treasure or an irresistible bargain is too fun to pass up on. My love for all things vintage/charity shop is reflected throughout the archives of my blog (as shown above). I also enjoy adapting clothes to make them unique. 

I have been after a dark denim jacket for a good ol’ while so when I spotted the bargain-licious light denim jacket (below) in my local Oxfam I bought it with the intention of dyeing it and adding some detail. With festival season upon us this DIY project seemed to come at the perfect time. Denim jackets are so versatile – they can be worn with denim shorts (hey – if double denim is good enough for Rihanna, it’s good enough for me) or with a white lace dress and chunky boots.

Re-inventing a charity shop purchase

Ingredients for this DIY

 – A jacket (the one I used was 100% cotton)
 – Black Dylon Dye
 – Salt
 – Rubber gloves
 – Trim or material
 – Thread
 – Sewing Machine (optional)

The Dyeing Part

I used black Dylon Dye which was simple and easy to use.

The Trim Part

Picking trims is the fun part. You can be as creative, quirky and wonderful as you like. I’ve recently seen a denim jacket with a giant picture of a cat ironed on the back and another one with a leopard print panel with a chain trim – you really can do anything!

Pick your trims and threads. Pin to the jacket and sew on.

There you have it. A charity shop bargain adapted into something unique. Here’s a little picture of me taking my new jacket out for a spin. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to be directed to the denim jackets on the Oxfam website and get DIY-ing.

Let me know if you get round to personalising any charity shop bargains as I would love to see them.

Love, Hannah 


  1. July 23, 2014 / 11:10 pm

    This jacket is SO pretty! I'm definitely going to try that on one of mine!


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