#4 Start the week on a high…In your Monday best

Kimono & Neck-Tie: ASOS, Shirt: H&M (via a Car-Boot Sale), Lipstick – Rimmel Apocalips (Big Bang)

Sunday used to be a day to don your best clothing i.e. ‘Sunday Best’. This is the case for me anymore – Sunday is usually made up of only slouchy clothes and minimal make-up. This is not a good look for moi – it’s not something I can pull off effortlessly so I rarely leave the house on Sundays. As a little pick me up on Monday’s I have decided to start wearing my smartest/best clothing – meet my ‘Monday Best’. Today it’s consisting of a kimono and neck-tie from ASOS. The Kimono was it the sale which will put even more of a smile on my face today as I step out to face Monday morning.

Have a great Monday!

Love, Hannah x


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