A silk dress with Vodka and Tonic


Dress- H&M, Jacket – Ebay, Shoes – H&M, Ring – Market Stall, Earrings – Primark, Nail Varnish – Barry M  & H&M (Glitter)

I bought this silk dress from H&M a few years ago and I am surprised it is still alive since drinks have been spilled down it on a number of occasions (and thrown at it on one occasion after my incredibly intoxicated friend went to throw her vodka and tonic at a boy but unsurprisingly missed and threw it at my dress).  But nevertheless it has survived and I teamed it with a camo jacket and winter tights (the weekend sun didn’t last then). I have started attempting to compile some outfits together for the Money Supermarket’s ‘Passion for Fashion’ competition but it is proving difficult since when pretending I have £200 to spend on a work outfit I become insanely indecisive due to all the irresistible clothes online – I am enjoying the challenge though! Has anyone else entered the competition. I would definitely recommend it, who doesn’t want to win money to spend on an outfit?!

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