The Wrong Trousers

Me: Jumper – Charity Shop, Dress (underneath) and Boots – Topshop, Socks – Primark, Bag – H&M

I started wearing this outfit today. Did not finish wearing it! It was unexpectedly hot today. I fear I may have been overly keen with the oversized jumper and grey woolly socks. This is awkward. I spent the morning out and about meeting friends. Then this afternoon I rushed back to put Levis shorts, a bikini top and an oversized, ‘airy’ shirt on to do some gardening. Well, I say gardening – I really mean picking (what I think are) runner beans, chives and tomatoes. The chives look suspiciously like grass though so I think I may be eating grass for tea. Anyway (apologies for the side-track) I am looking forward to wearing this outfit in the winter with a humongous chunky-knit scarf. But in the mean time I think I’ll leave the jumper at home.

Hope everyone is having a great week – almost Friday!

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