Raise it up

Me: Dress – Motel, Bag and Bracelet – H&M, Sandals – Topshop

This is an old dress from Motel but I thought I dig it out since seeing a similar-ish version with a swan print in the Topshop sale. I keep having to resist buying the skirt version in the Topshop sale since it is in the stores near me and I (realistically) can’t afford it. Anyway, today I took these pictures using a tree as a tripod and the self-timer. I am definitely still in need of the Learner plate on my camera. I am desperately attempting to take photos that don’t involve the sun shining so bright that you can’t see me or it being so grey that my pictures look almost black and white since they’re so dull. Today the camera fell of my tripod (the tree) but as I went to pick it up the flash went off and took (a not so lovely) picture up my dress. I hastily deleted it, looked around to check no-one witnessed a strange girl taking pictures up her dress and scurried off. I was very embarrassed. More practice undeniably necessary. 

Happy weekend everyone!


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