If love is a drug I guess we’re all sober

Me: Jacket, Boots, Shirt & Necklace – Topshop, Shorts – H&M

Super quick post today as I’m going to a party in a few hours and I’m meant to be making a cake for it which I haven’t started – and I can’t cook so speedy baking should be interesting…! I doubt I’ll be put on cake duty again any time soon…! I really like the military style jackets that are in stores at the moment – have to stay away from the shops at the moment as my bank balance looks sad – didn’t stop me from procrastinating for hours today on the Forever 21 website after seeing the blogger from Fashion Toast styling one so beautifully. Internet shopping was a badddd invention (well – a bad invention when one is trying to save (and failing miserable, may I add!))

Hope everyone has had a great day and is excited for the weekend!

P.S Apologies for another Topshop dominated post again – at least the shorts are from H&M this time…!

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