#1 Scrapbook to heaven

I’ve reached a new low in my photography career. Yesterday I was hungry and at a restaurant. The pizza was paraded out, I spun around to look at it and flung my camera on the floor. R.I.P. So I’m camera-less for today but I am hopeful that I can steal one from a family member tomorrow if necessary. For this reason I thought I would (digitally) throw together my ‘scrapbook to heaven’ i.e. 10 items of clothing/accessories that I can’t afford but it doesn’t mean I am not dreaming of them. Here we go:

In an orderly fashion I have started with a Topshop product. I have a jacket similar to this (see HERE) but I just cannot get enough of the versatility and ease of a military jacket. Guaranteed to be thrown on and make anything from a lace dress to your scruffiest jeans look super-duper.

                          I recently tried this dress on in River Island, looked at it, memorised it then gave it back to the shop assistant since I had a tenner on me. It’s such a nice fit and I don’t think this picture does it justice. I picture wearing it to work with winter, woolly tights, black boots with socks and maybe an chunky-knit cardigan for the walk down the hill. An investment? I think so.

The same day I went to River Island with a tenner was the same day I spotted this beauty. It’s luxuriously soft but at the same time it is a comfortable ‘smart-ish’ blazer. I could wear it to work without feeling as though I was rocking the 80’s shoulder pads. Another item causing me to get an advancement on that snugly, winter feeling I picture wearing it with those black skinny jeans, an oversized sheer shirt and a massively, oversized knitted scarf.


As a late-comer on the flatform band-waggon I am now excited for all things flat and comfy. I imagine myself walking (or running, we have a choice with flatforms) around pairing these lovelies from ASOS with a short-ish, cream, lace dress, leggings, inexcusable bed-head hair and red lipstick.

I am drawn to all things ‘geeky’. I adore the tweed look with the leather handle. I am envisioning ‘clutching’ onto this in the winter with a big ol’ coat, gloves, black skinny trousers and boots. My geekiest thought when stumbling upon this on the ASOS website…where would I put my lunch box?

After seeing Sara Luxe’s post filled with all sorts of goodness from the launch of Agyness Deyn’s collaboration with Dr Martin I eagerly went straight to their website. This was a mistake in itself. I imagine this t-shirt with scruffy leggings, a camouflaged jacket (see HERE) and overused creepers. I fell in love with everything on the website and I couldn’t choose one item for my ‘scrapbook’…….

…So I didn’t. I love the chunky shoes about at the moment. I just can’t get enough. Mr Marten – what have you done to me? I imagine these shoes with the oversized t-shirt above or with a floaty dress, shirt peeking out and socks. Maybe I’ll have to get my mum to take a picture of me to put in the ‘first day at school’ album.

Whenever I go into the Oxford Circus Topshop I always find myself in the white,clean area that is Boutique. It’s one of those areas where I have to check my hands are clean before I touch things as the area is infested with pieces that can only be described as beautiful. I am hopelessly in love with this dress. The strength of my love has been confirmed after seeing Lily from LLYMLRS modelling it today. It look amazing. Ohh gawdd – there goes the first £85 of my paycheck.

Enough of the expensive things I can’t afford. This is from the H&M + size section. I tried on a size 18 and thought that it looked cool as a sheer dress. Paired with a leather jacket, tights, boots and too much jewellery this top could be one of those ‘throw on and go’ purchases with a guilt-free price tag. What’s not to love?


Finally, you can’t go wrong with this black dress from Monki. I often have days where I helplessly gaze into my wardrobe especially when looking for (appropriate-ish) work wear. I think this dress ticks both the work/casual boxes. For work I would keep it fairly simply but when it comes to 5pm I would grab a military jacket, put too many rings on my fingers and slip on some super-high flatforms.

Anyway, if anyone made it to the end of this long post THANK YOU so much for reading. I hope the new kind of post was okay and usual blogging will resume when I can steal a camera (from a family member, of course!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday.

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