Urban T-Shirts and Concrete Dreams

1,2,3: T-Shirts: Urban Outfitters Sale (£10 or £15)!

Outfit Lightbulb: Quirky T-shirt (3)/ Classic Levis Cut-Offs/ Platform Trainers (e.g. HERE)/ Slouchy Satchel /Reddish Lips with hot hair in a Top-Knot

Today’s outfit was similar to yesterday since I’m seriously slacking in the shorts department and I am secretly drawn to all the winter clothes in shops at the moment. Instead of a shirt (like yesterday) I wore an Urban Outfitters t-shirt with the slogan ‘New York: Concrete Jungle’. I was looking after children all day so comfort was important. We went to Postman Pat World at Longleat. One of the babies wobbled out of Postman Pats shop with a handful of goods whilst the shop attendant didn’t batter an eye-lid. If I could get away with this kind of behaviour in Topshop, if only.

The ‘Concrete Jungle’ t-shirt was from the Urban Outfitters sale which I have always been a massive fan of since it is not unusual for them to discount some stunning t-shirts that were previously £28. I find in some shops that the sale items looks as though they were never sold in the shop, that the items have been shipped in purely to satisfy those bargain hunters. Urban Outfitters sale never disappoints. I have compiled a few of my favourite bargain t-shirts from the website – they’re are many more. Happy hunting.

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