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Me: Dress – Urban Outfitters, Shoes & Socks – H&M

Please excuse the cheesy hearts in the bottom picture – I had just worked out how to add effects using Picassa. I feel hours of fun coming on…..

I purchased this dress for a wedding last year for £65 from Urban Outfitters. I thought that was fairly expensive so I was determined to wear it casually/formally/weddingy (?!) so I could justify this amount. I definitely have worn it so much that it must been under £2 per wear which is bloomin brilliant if you ask me! I wore my H&M platforms (with socks so they didn’t cut my feet apart like the last time I wore them.)

I bought these platforms since I saw a friend had the dalmatian print brothel creepers from Topshop (which were £105) and I was an insanely jealous, poor friend. H&M was as expensive as I could go so I searched the H&M’s for the next best thing. I love the ‘clumpiness’ of them.  I have noticed that a high-top version of this shoe seem to be circulating the high street now – I posted about them HERE.

Today I went to get foundation from Boots which I don’t get massively excited about. I am rubbbiish at doing my hair and make-up. It’s not unusual for me to look in the mirror half-way through the day and noticing I have put an insane amount of bronzer on one cheek…classy. I browsed around H&M, Topshop etc and I did notice that either I am getting a lot poorer or Primark are sneakily (or not so sneakily) putting their prices up – dresses now seem to be £15 whilst jackets seem to be £25!? Still can’t resist trying everything on and justifying that turquoise, cropped, tropical shirt – everyone is wearing it, right?!

P.S. Check out my amateur, blogging tripod to take my pictures…

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