‘Summer/Winter’ Wear – If you will…

        From Top Left (Clockwise):

   1. Skirt – American Apparel
2. Dress – AX Paris (Online or New Look)
3. Jumper – Topshop 
4.  Chunky Cardigan – H&M
5. Earrings – Topshop
6. Shoes – Topshop
7. Hat – Topshop

Outfit Lightbulb: Summer Dress (2) /Oversized Cardigen (4) /Mary-Jane Shoes (6), Paired with black socks /Bowler Hat (7) /Big-tastic earrings (5) /Messy Hair and Red lips 

The seasons have been muddled and jumbled in England this year. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to dress weather appropriately – attempting to incorporate those summer dresses (bought when imagining my golden tan) whilst remaining true and suitable to the grey situation that is on the opposite side of my bedroom window as I gaze out every morning – still hopeful. Britain remains in this ‘in-between’ phase where simply a summer dresses will get a look of horror and murmurings under breaths about how ‘she must be mad/cold’ and winter coats send out the message of lost hope – summer will never arrive. Whilst unemployed and ‘enjoying’ the good old British weather I have conjured a collection of versatile pieces that will hopefully see us through. But you have to wear them with your fingers crossed and wishing that a heat wave is brewing.  

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