Summer Dreams

From Top Left (Clockwise):

 1. Dress – Missguided (£15.19)

 2. Me: Skirt – Charity shop, Top – H&M

 3. Jumper – Topshop (£15) 

 4. Runner Shorts – Topshop (£15) 

 5. Dress – H&M – (£7.49)    

Outfit Lightbulb: Runner style shorts (4)/ Block-coloured baggy t-shirt/ Grandad sandals found HERE/ Those fave gold earrings from Pat/ Satchal / [For the cooler evenings: Throw on the casual jumper (3)  for the ‘no effort’ look.]

Wowsers – we’ve finally made it to summer, better late than never, ey?

This is what I wore today. There are a few problems with this picture:

1. Those hanging up ribbons (whatever they are called) are coming out and that’s not cool…!

2. I realise I look bigger than the house in the background. I am not, in fact, this tall/large in reality. We were sunbathing on a balcony a few stories up and the (not so attractive) angle of the picture cleverly instigates that I am bigger than a house. Great.

It’s not a spectacular outfit but, truth be told, I struggle when it is sunny in this country so I stick on an old comfy skirt and a small top in order to cope. I’m going to have to come up with some more original outfits as I heard this weather is here to stay until the weekend. I have also compiled a few effortless summer staples – and they come guilt-free since they are all sales items.

Hope everyone is well and all sunbathed out.

P.S: Is it unacceptable that I want to buy all the gorgeous tweed/leather/cosy coats in Topshop when it’s finally this weather we’ve all been waiting for….?

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  1. Anonymous
    July 25, 2012 / 8:45 pm

    Love this blog! Keep at it x

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