Oversized and charitable

Me: 1 – Jumper- Marks and Spencer (via Charity Shop), 2 – Shirt, Shoes and Necklace – Topshop, Leggings – Miss Selfridge

Outfit Lightbulb: Chunky Knit Jumper with Shirt Collar (1 & 2)/ Longish cycle shorts with Lace trim (previously seen in H&M)/ Grandad Sandals see HERE/ Leather look backpack (Primark do a great one)/ Red lips, hoopla earrings and a casual trip to meet friends – Lavely 

Bare with me until my photos become a little more acceptable. I have an excuse. I have a Blackberry phone that doesn’t take fantastic pictures (I haven’t qualified for an I-phone yet) and my memory card has broken in my camera (anyone know you’re meant to format before using – nope me neither) so I can take a maximum of three pictures – perfect.

This necklace was £5 in the Topshop sales (from £20 – what a steal). I bought this jumper on a charity shop spree last week. I also purchased a denim shirt (Zara) and an unbranded brown clutch which, at £1.79, I was fairly happy with. I was hoping to wear this jumper as a dress but (as much as I like short things) it could have proved a little offensive to the eye of another. I chose to pair the jumper with the shirt and some old-ish leggings. On reflection I realise that it looks like a ‘stud-monster’ has thrown up on my shoes and the studs have splattered up my legs. The only advice I would give when charity shopping is to go as often since you never know when little gems have been shipped in. I have heard that Oxfam’s online store put the new stock up on Tuesday’s. This could be a handy tip since you could get first pick. Well, go on then – if it’s for a good cause..


    • August 1, 2012 / 6:28 pm

      Thank you so much :)! You can still get the shoes from Topshop on the website for £28 so not tooooo bad! Thanks again!

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