Just because I’m Nerdy

1. Me: Shirt – Topshop, Top (underneath shirt) – H&M, Shorts – Charity shop, Platforms – H&M

2. Socks – Primark

The fact that the post is named after the band Busted is ‘Nerdy’ in itself. Today I had to wear these shorts since they are the only ones I own that are acceptably ‘long’ enough to wear to the shops. I wore these platform shoes which rubbed so I ended up covering the back of my heels in plasters which only added to the ‘geekiness’ of the outfit.

It’s a sad time in ones unemployed life when Primark socks cause excitement. I could not resist these socks that came as a pack of 3 and since they were a mere £2 they were basically being given away. I feel like they relate to the theme of this post but I have no idea when I will be able to show them off. I’m determined to find a way…watch this space!

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