I’m just a girl…

Cut off Levi’s: Urban Outfitters

Dark Blue Dress: Urban Outfitters

Pink Skirt: River Island

White Lace Top: Dorethy Perkins (actually a dress)

Leapord Print Top: Topshop (actually a skirt)

Sheer Cream Shirt: Urban Outfitters

White Jumper: Topshop

Blue Shirt: HnM

A few snaps from my holiday – blimey I am missing it only 24 hours after touch down in London town. I love the print on the blue t-shirt worn with the cut-off shorts. I purchased the t-shirt from a chairty shop for £2 – what could be more satisfying than this guilt-free bargin beauty!? The flowery skirt was also purchased from a charity shop for £3 – which depressingly my boyfriend had to buy for me since it was the end of term and my final 50 pence had recently been spent on pasta.

Noticably a high-street girl at heart. I am still on that mission to bring something fresh and new but who can stray away from the Great British highstreet…we are lucky ladies here in the UK!

Hope everyone is enjoying the wettest June on records here in the UK…..when is the next flight to Greece?!

Truck loadsa love,

H.S x

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