Geek at Graduation…

From Top Left (Clockwise):

1. Shirt – H&M

2. Skirt – Topshop

3. Dress – Urban Outfitters

4. Shirt – Miss Selfridge

5. Watch – Urban Outfitters

5. Shoes – River Island

A weekend wasted. I have literally just recovered from my night out on Friday. I am never drinking again…famous last words. The past 2 days have consisted of ringing round friends to assess the damage, feeling dreadfully sorry for myself and finally eating my weight in crisps in a poor attempt to recover.  Today is a new day. Time to put the regret and embarrassment of Friday behind me…it happens to the best of us, right?!

‘Onwards and upwards’. Next week is my Graduation so I am on the hunt for a cheap and lovely dress. It’s a dress that is going on be displayed (underneath the gown) on my kitchen wall for a while so it really has to do me justice.  I’ve been thinking of a tweed skirt/sheer cream blouse combo. I want to do the whole ‘geeky-ish’ trend since it is a celebration of 4 years of exams after all.

Hope those who are attending a Graduation are taking full advantage of the spending ‘needed’ for the perfect outfit.

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