Baby, You’re a Firework…

From Top Left (Clockwise):

1. Crop Top – Fairground
2. Me: Shorts – Urban Outfitters/ Top – H&M
3. Headband – River Island
4. Me: Dress – Warehouse/ Bag – Vintage/ Shoes – Faith
5. Me: Dress & Shoes – Urban Outfitters / Coat – Topshop
6. Dress – River Island
7. – Dress – ASOS
8. Dress – Fairground

Outfit Lightbulb: Crop Top (1)/ Denim, High-waisted shorts (2)/ Flatforms or Trainers/ Chunky Gold Necklace/ Top-Knot Hair and a dose of Sunshine

Yep, the inevitable has happened. I went to see Katy Perry: Part of Me and now I want to be her. I’ve spent the day assessing how acceptable it is to dye my hair a washed out shade of pink with a tint of grey and purchase a kitten simply to name him/her ‘Kitty Purry’. Rather than dive head first into such extremities I have searched into the corners of the internet for ‘conservative(ish)’ Katy Perry attire.  Regarding my brown hair situation – I could always buy a different coloured wig for each day of the week couldn’t I…?

Forgive me – upon looking back at the collage above I realise the pictures of Katy Perry’s head are a little bit creepy! Hoping one will see the ‘fun side’ and see that I am simply testing the waters by introducing the blue hair into my daily wardrobe gently and with caution. 

Fairground is an online retailer that specialises in ‘uber-cool’, brightly coloured dresses/skirts/tops etc. When I first stumbled across it I immediately thought of that Jessie J/Katy Perry vibe that causes controversy and excitement wherever they go. Take a look at their structured, colourful and wonderfully eccentric pieces that can easily be integrated into our everyday wardrobes.  Have fun!

[The Katy Perry pictures are taken from Here, Here and Here]

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